Top of the Stretch


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It was maybe the first dice horse game, that I discovered online and I guess it was also a kind of trigger for my own game and for this page here. After I went through APBA Baseball, Golf and so on, later Strat-o-matic and similar games, I started to search around online to know "What else is around!?" and found during the time so many funny, interesting and also strange dice games, like Sumo wrestling, Ballet, Rythmic dance, Top Fuel or Bull riding paper & pen games. There is a lot of great stuff out there! Like this game here:


The website looks maybe outdated, but the content is great and there are also new downloads on a regular base. I have played the computerized version too, but the good, classic, analog way feels way much better for my personal taste. There are different Breeder Cup editions / years with a ton of horses and the prices are really fair for this game!

You also select some horses and use their own, specific values combined with some additional charts to calculate the winner(s). The race is split in segments, so it's not a full race, but on the other hand you can play it in a shorter time. Also the horse values are based on their real life counterparts.

There is a good video from Ron Emch too, which explains the game play and helped me, because of my poor English (sometimes to see some things visually helps), but the provided, written game manual covers all parts too. All files will be provided as download PDFs and can be just printed on a regular printer.

I really like the game and it gives me some good, relaxed vibes from time to time on a rainy day, while sitting at my writing table.
My personal recommendation!