Essential Scorecard


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How to use it?
To have an overview, on whats going on and also to know, who is the winner, we need the scorecard. This is used to note down the progress of each horse until the finish wire. At the begin of the race, write down the track name and distance (fields), surface conditions, weather impact, the date and the name of the selected horses for this race. A standard race consists of up to 12 horses, but to save time, you can also use less horses, depending on your personal choice.


Each time, you roll the dices and get a result on the RUN table, you add it to the value of the field before until you reached the wire (for example 100). The track, weather and power values are for adjusting/adapting the run results. Look at the example races to get a better understanding, how everything works. You will see, it's very easy in the second, you read through the example game play.
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