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The ideas for this game and also the amount of values are growing in the last time and I want, that it develops into a kind of "sport simulation". On the other hand I still want to keep the game as simple as possible. To stay on track with the possible values for each part and how to use them, so that it make sense and the values used in the right way, I created this first version of a flowchart, to have an overview about the connects between the different tables.


Note: this is my personal cheat sheet for the game development & improvement and to combine the values in the right order. For example: I discovered some missing parts and in the instructions here in this board in the last days, so this workflow chart will support the changes and adaptions for the next, improved version. Keep in mind, that for the basic game you just need a small part of the tables.

In the next drawing, that I'm working on at the moment, I will mark the basic ones somehow, so that it is clear, what is needed for a quick, basic game and what kind of values for the "advanced" game. There are still some errors too and I also have to rethink some combinations, for example the Track conditions, which are based of temperature, moisture and the surface, but are also adapted with the personal values of each Horse and Jockey. And the combined, calculated values should give correct results. Here I have to recheck the existing values, because imagine a horse start, that goes into the negative direction, because you didn't take care about the amount of substractions of values and the impact to the run progress.

So there are a lot of steps to come, but with every single day, there is a small improvement. I think, during the upcoming week, I will finish the values for all events & needed possibilities and can share a kind of first, final flowchart and use it for adapted tables in the download section.
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I updated the flowchart above with the missing value for Freestart vs. Box, the effect of the weather to the curves and also the arrow from the race result back to the Horse & Jockey, because with every single race, the amount of races and their results will improve the Experience value of each Horse and Jockey. Here I have to think about a useful and solid setup. Maybe it will be a collection of points, that will increase one experience value step by step.

Raw example: for every finished race you receive 0.1 points. For one of the first three places in a race another 0.1 point. If you reached full 1 points, it will increase the horse and jockey experience with this 1 point. And so it continues from race to race. After a while, it can also be used, to categorize horses in different (newcomers and experienced) groups and also to even then the results between good horses in the same category. So another chapter for some improvements.