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Very strange weekend. The weather too. Yesterday I was driving to the hardware store and bought some metal plates, this time some thick, iron based plates. They are more stable then the thin aluminum plates (surprise) and have a significant, solid feeling.

To make things easy and as a first version for the tiny Raspberry Pi screen, I just created a simple box with a slightly inclined front panel and a hole drilled backside plate.

And I really like it, because it's heavy, very stable and feels like some good old laboratory cases or equipment from the 70s. Somehow a kind of industrial style. But I have to be honest, it was some hard work, because I had to cut the inside frame by hand with a tiny metal scissor and the thickness of the iron plate was not helpful.

It took me 4 hours - or something like that - for a first dry run. On the front, I put a amber colored acrylic plate, but still there are some things missing, like an old toggle switch for power on/off and a USB connect for USB sticks on the front, next to the right side of the screen. But I'm already very happy and like it.

By the way, what you can't see on the monochrome images here, is the warm amber color style terminal and this is also improved by the orange acrylic plate in addition.

Later I also installed DOS and - yes - QBASIC and after the main screen was loaded, I had suddenly a warm feeling around my heart and was just sitting there for some minutes devotional and starred at the screen with a smile.

I've worked with QBASIC during my youth in the school, it was in the afternoon in "Informatik". This was also before we had a computer at home and so everything was very cool at this time.

Many people still say today, that this moments had this kind of "Somehow I know, that this is something big, some new stuff and it will be the future" emotion and in general it was like a exploration journey into a strange, growing, but "Wow!" world.

In the computer course we were just typing simple program lines to learn the basics, like an ATM machine simulator, but it was funny and some years later, I also wrote a tiny calculation tool by myself for a single, small evening task/job and it worked well as support.

Sometimes I also started to write some tiny text based games in BASIC, but never finished one properly, which I still regret.

I will always connect BASIC & QBASIC with some good times in my childhood and it was one of this lifetime moments, that opened the world of computers for me. And now, with 41 years, I'm back. It's great!

To be continued...

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