Strange days

This was a long week, a really long week and I'm somehow tired and exhausted now. There are some project tasks in my job at the moment, that need some energy & focus and again I stayed in the office a little bit longer then expected - at least on two days. But it's also interesting and I have to deal with some new stuff, where I have to dig into foreign topics, find relevant information, the needs for us and the company and also collaborate with other unit parts. So still great stuff, but... where is the bed?

I need some rest. For example, I want to work on my retro computer project and I should design and draw the case for the 3D printer finally, but somehow I can't get up and just do it. It feels tiring, but still I want to continue, so I hope, that I can motivate myself on the weekend now.

Also the "Zettelkasten" project on my other side is waiting for me too. I had so many topics in my mind during the rides in the public transport, where I thought "Yes, that is perfect for a new entry and there are so many additional thoughts about the topic", but I was yawning instead all the time.

But! There is a tiny but, because - and it's really stupid to be honest too - I installed a BASIC compiler... on my smartphone. It's funny, because I haven't code anything in BASIC since many, many years (anybody remember QBASIC?) and I'm also not the programmer guy in general.

I know a little bit Python and similar, but I'm getting old now and so I forget more and more terms and definitions and I code more or less only if it's necessary to reach some target normally. But somehow I have the strange need for "I want to do some BASIC stuff".

So during one of the bus rides, I was typing around on a tiny rocket launch simulator - so simple stuff with some random number values as additional challenge, but I also discovered (with some invisible tears in my eyes), that I lost so many memories and can't even deal with simple stuff like DIMs anymore. And everything between other people in my back and next to me and with the tiny keyboard on the smartphone display.

The difference is also, that it's based on FreeBASIC and that the little rest of my knowledge still had the old GOTO stuff in mind (still possible), but time has changed, so now I try to wrap my brain around sub commands and so on and how to structure my tiny "program".

I guess, I will need now a lot of office days and public transport rides, to finish the game someday. Anyway... train your brain!

Aside of that stuff, I'm also a little bit proud of myself today. As I'm reading and watching a lot about old computer stuff and childhood devices since months now, I was really very, very close, to order a Altair 8800 replica (based on Arduino Due), but stopped it multiple times in the last moment.

First reason: I don't need the thing, it's just a kind of toy more or less in the end. Second: it's (really) expensive. Third: GOTO 1.

Finally I decided "Stop it, really!", after a few weeks of thinking about it, and it still feels good at the moment. And that is a good sign for a decision.

I will wait for some months, until I think again about it and instead I want to finish my tiny retro computer finally. Challenges everywhere!

By the way - the weather today was really strange. The sun was behind a cloud layer, like a soft, damped light bulb and the temperature pleasant - but it feels all the time like 5 in the afternoon, also in the evening. Mh.

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