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So, yesterday I was really frustrated, because I wrote a very long entry here, but then I hit the wrong key and afterwards again the wrong one and deleted everything by accident. The reason is, that if I write directly online into the wiki engine here, there is no auto-save or stuff like that, so if you leave the page and don't save the content, it's very easy to loose everything.

I'm reading and writing most of the stuff with the linux text browser "links2" (much better then lynx, my personal opinion) and sometimes the pages are cached, if you reload the same page again, so it's a tiny rescue possibility sometimes - but not this time. Sigh. In the end, I went to bed and was annoyed by life and everything.

So I want to change the way of writing and this means, that I'm searching (again and always, never ending story) for a better writing tool inside the terminal, to copy then the content to the blog in the end. Sure, Nano, Vim or Emacs are standards and I'm using them too, but still don't like them really or even use all functions and possibilities. I'm looking more for a basic solution like VDE editor or the original Wordstar 3.0 (the old DOS editor), with more focus on writing, then programming.

I'm still searching for the right tool, but using now "Tilde" for this entry here, which is more or less a light version of my wish. So, it's okay for now, I guess.

There were three things, that I wanted to mention yesterday. One is, that I again stopped the work on the case for my small Raspberry Pi terminal computer project. I cutted some wooden parts and arranged them to a small case, but then I wanted to change the angle of one piece - I did it - and completely messed up everything, because I forgot to calculate the change of distances between two pieces. If you change or reduce the angel, sure, you also have to change the length of the other piece, that is connected. Well.

In the end, I had a lot of wooden saw dust everywhere, wrong pieces too and was already not happy with the style itself. And there is also another idea in my head for the case now.

I was searching some other stuff on the IKEA page and by accident I also found a small plastic bowl as storage thing, squared with rounded corners and in white-beige color. They are small and depending on the size, they cost between 8 to 14 Euros, so very cheap. I think, if I flip one of them to the side, it would be the perfect case for the screen, the lid, with some cutting, as insert for holding the screen and a second bowl as bottom case for the Raspberry Pi computer and connectors itself.

Then two cutted and glued together bowls should be the perfect case for the keyboard. This is the idea and my imagination at the moment, but I have to take a closer look at them on monday and in real life in one of the stores. But it would make the project much easier and it needs just some tiny, additional parts with the 3D printer. But we will see.

The other thing, that I wanted to mention, was, that I'm somehow proud of myself, because I really work more and more inside my amber colored terminal at home and read and write most of the time only in it. Sure, on a second screen next to my main one, I'm still using Firefox for Youtube Premium or Amazon Prime Videos, but the rest or most of my tasks are happen inside the terminal now - or to be correct via "command line".

Here is a screenshot of my "interface". The color looks great on my LCD display with the right settings, but it depends on your personal color, contrast and so on settings and also the device itself. Here, on my big screen, the size, contrast and the color has the same sharp, crispy and bright quality, like on good old text calculators or smartphones. And I really like it. It also gives a good, retro and cosy feeling in the evening and reduces this kind of hard, bright, white-blue light of the GUI interface in the living room and I have the feeling, that it also helps me to calm down and with my sleep.

On the left, you can see this content here, that I'm writing in "Tilde". On the bottom I have an additional frame, with a simplified command line dictionary version for German ~ English, that I've installed yesterday. It allows me to search for a word with "dict [word]" and get the result instant - so great for writing on fly and my low level english skills.

On the right side on the top, you can see "Newsboat", that I use as RSS Reader for some interesting news pages, blogs and so one. Then, the second frame is a "phlog" from a guy with the name "nm03" from somewhere in Tokyo and yes, you guessed it right, it's the good old "Gopher" protocol... maybe some of the older ones can remember that. Gopher is still alive and again more people start to write content there and I also switching sometimes to this other universe (I'm also a happy member of

Then, in the last frame, you can see "Weechat", one of the classic IRC clients, where I sometimes hang around in different channels, depending on my mood and also needs, but I also use this frame in the corner for some other stuff... for example "Ranger", a file directory explorer, to work with files and rename, copy, move or look at them. Since yesterday I also use the corner for "Finch", an addition to Pidgin (GUI), which allows me now, to chat also on Steam, but inside the terminal (but I have to test it a little bit more).

So nothing special and a standard for many people in their daily work or life, but I was never working in this form 24h /365 days, always just for some special tasks for a few hours~days every few weeks. But now and maybe also connected to my growing age and change of interests, I'm switching back more and more to "old" or "bottom line" stuff. And there is also another reason... I'm really tired of full bloated news pages, ads, millions of images, GIFs, auto play videos and so on... and comments everywhere. Reading newspages and then the comments frustrates me more and more, because people show so many hate and anger online, so I stopped reading comments in general. The development of our society is really tipping over and we have learned nothing from the wars in the past. So browsing via text mode reduces the possibilities for that too most of the time, because of the lack of JavaScript support, which is good (personal definition).

But back to the main topic, it's also a good preparation for my retro terminal computer project, because I also want to reduce my footprint, regarding ressources. For example the amount of electricity usage. Our energy costs are raising and I was looking around in my flat and found already two tiny things, where I can save costs without any truncation of life style.

I turned off my PiHole (Ad-Blocker), because I already filtering stuff on my router now and finally I also put my Netgear Switch away, because I don't need it at the moment and already reduced the amount of devices during my daily life. Both used their own power supplies, so I'm saving now a tiny amount of electricity during the year, that was burned for nothing during the last months.

As soon as I'm finished with the case for the Raspberry Pi and the small screen, I will install the same terminal style there (Debian vanilla/light/server edition) and my plan is, to use this Pi then for my small daily tasks - this means writing, blogging, researches and reading stuff online. I dont need the full PC or Laptops for that purpose, this means also less energy and I will fire up them only for games or other special things.

But during the week, when I'm working for the company and in the office, my free time is already limited and in reality, I just have 1~3 hours in the evening, where I have some energy left and the mood, to "do some stuff" and here the small Pi computer will be the right solution. Or to play some NES, SNES or AMIGA games there. And the power consumption is low.

I also want to focus in general again more on some analog stuff in the evening - so maybe some readers of my old blogs remember the mentioned Baseball or Golf board games (APBA and Strat-O-Matic), that I imported from the U.S. in the last months & years, or tiny, useless, but fun projects like my Horse Racing Game and similar stuff.

So I reduce my possibilities wilfully, because I also lost somehow this kind of "calmness" in the last 10~20 years. It's very difficult for me today and most of the time, to relax and really sit down and read a book for example and not doing 10 things at the same time and "work" on 20 problems in my head too.

When I worked on projects in the past in my youth, I was more focused and could spent days and weeks on one single task and dig and dive into it, but today I have the feeling, that I will loose time then, so I start 20 things at the same time. But in reality I don't enjoy it.

Also writing helps me. For example this text here needs some time - to write it down and also fix some of the typing errors here and there later, copy and inserting the links and then publish it. I think I already wrote for more then 15 minutes now, but it's good, because I can't do other things at the same time and it also helps to reflect a little bit.

Today is the second cold day now. It's windy, a mix of sun and clouds, but just ~13 degrees in the morning, ~16 degrees in the afternoon and I already closed two windows for the first time after months now during the night, because it was too cold. And this is always the yearly sign, that autumn is finally here. I'm not happy about that.

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