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I'm impressed. More or less by accident I found the movie Ad Astra on Amazon Prime. I was never aware of it and also have never seen this movie, but I'm surprised about the quality of animations, the effects, the style and also the music combination.

The movie has also this nice, calm and pleasant tone, with a lot of silent scenes. I like that.

Also that the equipment, interior and interfaces in the stations are more or less realistic, so no fancy, bloated, futuristic holograms or stuff like that, just simple, basic hardware stuff.

That a laboratory ape creates a kind of fracture in the clean landscape in one of the scenes suddenly, is really a nice moment. Also the moon car chase on the... well... moon, still managed it, to act solid.

So, this is my personal film recommendation for this evening. Here is the trailer on Youtube.

That the story is maybe not the best part of the complete setup, is still somehow okay, because this kind of movies are more of a visual thing and perfect for calm weekends.

Another thing is, that I still fight somehow, to find silent moments for myself, to focus on (whatever) stuff. For example, there is this really nice Youtube-Channel CuriousMarc, where the guy (and other ones) working on old computer stuff and try to reactivate them during hours of exploration - also old board computers from early space missions (NASA and so on) and you learn a lot about technical things and ideas of the past (great things - like this really cool Japanese relay computer or the fancy board display from the Apollo space mission).

I also read a book about the Zettelkasten system from Niklas Luhmann and some other stuff since a few days, like Das Mädchen auf dem Meeresgrund from Hans Hass and so on.

But I'm stressed inside, without knowing why and so I can't relax enough, to just sit there and watch the documentation or read the books focused, instead I'm doing all things at the same time or at least try it. But this is not good and also not the right way. I have to work on that.

By the way, I have changed the colors here, which is maybe visible already. I know, that a lot of people don't like it, but it reminds me of my old, first blogs many, many, many years ago with an old Perl script and it's also a kind of dedication for old terminals and simple text interfaces.

Or maybe I'm getting old.

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