Failed project - Part I

I mentioned last time, that I want to build a tiny Raspberry Pi Computer, just for fun and without target. Like a small terminal computer for my small work table in the livingroom. So I grabbed one of my old Raspberries, some cables, a 80% mechanical keyboard and bought a small LCD display on Amazon for it. Easy - connect everything and you are ready to go.

The plan for the case is, that it looks like a little bit like old terminals.

But I failed completely yesterday in the evening. During the first attempt, I wanted to use some thin wooden boards, but I found out after working on the parts for around one hour, that the wood was too bent and also has very bad quality. So I stopped it.

Then I started with some metal sheets, moving my heavy metal equipment for cutting and bending around, measured everything, the fine details at the screen, screw hole positions, the gap of the screen border and so on... and lost a lot of sweat.

Cutting thin metal sheets is not easy. Tiny parts yes, but everything, that is more then 50 centimeters long and need to be exact and really straight, but without bending or bulging it, is difficult. I worked more then one hour, to get three pieces, that fit together after bending on the press brake too, cut the rectangular hole for the screen by hand with a shear - another 30 minutes - and then drilled holes and connected everything with screws, to get the case for the monitor.

I checked everything twice and it looked good, so the first part was done, just missing the final screen position and so on. I had this feeling like "Yes, it will work finally"... and one second later I noticed, that I completely forgot the cables. They are connected on the side of the screen, so you need some additional 5~6 centimeters of space for them or you will break the screen or can't even plug them in. What the fuck... greetings from Captain Obvious! The second attempt, another and very stupid fail.

Then I thought "Okay, let's switch to some plastic" and found a plate, that I used for some chalk notes on the wall in the past. I don't know, what kind of material it is, feels like a mixture of hard plastic with some fine granulated tires... but I discovered, that you can cut it with just a knife.

The third attempt and I started to cut the needed pieces... sure, cutting long, straight distances is easy, but not in reality, so I lost again some pieces and then I also stopped the project in the middle, because the fine cutting crumbs were everywhere. In the hair, on the arms, clothes, on the floor and they were also statically charged, so it was difficult to get rid of them. Too messy and I was already annoyed.

Finally, a big mess everywhere and the evening was gone and I was really very frustrated. A simple screen case, but so many troubles and then no result. Again hours of life lost.

So, today in the morning, I decided to use thick, double plywood plates - I have two big boards, so enough material and will use a jigsaw for it and will change also the design, simplify the case and attach later some small pieces from the 3D printer to it for some improvements. I should have done that already yesterday...

But today is Sunday and my neighbors and I love calm weekends, so I will start with this another attempt tomorrow again, because the jigsaw and sanding will be (too) noisy.

Why is everything so complicated?

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