Raspberry and rain

Today I took a day off from the office. Some things are changing at the moment there, because I have a new position and this means, that I have also to drop some daily tasks into the hands of other people, to have enough time and resources for some new, already upcoming projects.

It's necessary and also a good direction, but at the same moment a kind of challenge and also difficult somehow, because of the complexity, coordination issues and amount of tiny tasks and millions of things to keep in mind for everybody.

Anyway. I was walking today through the town a little bit and at some point I saw a plane on the sky, that floats with the strong wind in a soft turn sideways. Here, in this town, planes are crossing the sky on a low level, to get to airport next to the town. Looked cool and I had to think about an old movie with a girl and a bird, that she found somewhere. I believe, it was a falcon and I can remember, that I was impressed about the movie and how they filmed everything. It was a beautiful friendship (and also visual great), but somehow also a sad movie for some reasons. But I have to search for it, to find the name and more background again.

The weather was also muggy today, exhausting, but in the afternoon there was some nice rain and a tiny thunderstorm and now the temperature dropped a little bit too... feels great, but I also get instantly tired and sleepy now.

By the way - at the moment I'm watching next to the screen the anime movie Children of Sea. A classic movie about a girl, friendship, the sea, animals and nature. It's interesting, also with 41+ years, I don't feel too old for this kind of anime stuff. Here the Trailer (Youtube) and here the art version.

I also pulled my old Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 and also the Zero out of one of my storage boxes and played a little bit with Risc OS and so on (every few years again), but in the end, I'm again on the Debian lite version.

I have started now my tiny project, to build a kind of retro computer and still wait for a tiny LCD USB screen to arrive in the next days - I hope.

There are no special plans, I just want to connect the screen, the keyboard and the Raspberry 1~2 and build a simple case for it, so that it looks like one of the classic terminal computers of the old days. Maybe as a kind of writing engine for blog stuff and so on, let's see.

I also started again (the third time) the audiobook The Friendly Orange Glow and it's still great, to listen to the development of learning devices in the past and the history of the PLATO system.

For example: in the beginning and before computers were available, they created mechanical learning devices - or let's say a "wooden box" - with punched cards inside for the students. On the top you had the question and then different answers under it. You had to put a tiny "stick" into the hole of the right answer and if it was correct, you could move/slide to the next card. You can still find that for children today too.

The background idea was, that every student can learn by his own and based on his personal speed and don't have to wait for the rest of the class with too much idle time. And so on... there are really nice insights about the early days and ideas, how to get rid of standard group learning and just (bored) listening and to switch to interactive, personalized possibilities. And in the end, with the outcome of a digital social network & games in the 70s~80s. PLATO.

Thursday, clouds and a beautiful sunset.

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