Alright... the night was not good, too short and I thought about too many things the whole time (work stuff, open tasks and so on and sometimes in never ending loops, very exhausting) and with the final result, that I slept maybe for just three or four hours.

So I'm unexpected tired today and my original plans were hiking through the nature, but... nothing. Instead I drove with my old car a little bit around in the early morning, unsure, what to do now, because with every more minute driving, my energy dropped continuously.

In the end, I turned around at one of the roundabouts in the southern landscape - straight back to my flat.

Okay, that's not completely true. I made a tiny stop at the local hardware store too, because I was searching for some specific, lightweight foam for some tiny plane projects, but it was a fail, couldn't find the stuff and I didn't want to ask somebody and left the place with two wooden and thin rods. So it was a fail.

And then I had to make a decision. Since one~two years now, I have a foldable bicycle, which fits into my car's trunk. I bought it really cheap and new for just a 250~ bucks at a low level sport shop and using it since this time during the summer all the time. A quick stop at the lake or river near the town? Sure, let's get out of the car, make three moves and the bike is ready and discover the area. It's great, I love it and it's really very useful.

But. There is a but. It's great for short distances, to get from A to B quickly and it's small enough, that there is still some additional space in the back of the car's trunk and you can store it there permanently. It's also lightweight enough, to lift it out of the car without any troubles, important for old people like me (41) - no joke, but it's a factor somehow too.

But long distances are too much for & with the tiny wheels (or my legs), especially on roads with a mix of gravel and dust. It's still okay, but doesn't make fun and doesn't feel efficient. There are also no quick releases at the wheels, I failed to find the right ones for this model, so you need also a (special) hex key, if necessary during a technical break down and some other stuff.

This are the reasons, why I already thought since a few weeks about an additional, simple "normal" travel bicycle... to make some tiny journeys again, also during the upcoming autumn and with less heat now. I didn't want to revive my 32~ year old, squeaky mountain bike, which still rots untouched in the courtyard of the house without any lock (really nobody wants it), with missing brakes, flat tires and lousy, sticky handles and so on, because it would also cost money and a lot of time to improve, change and repair everything.

So I stopped again at the same sport dealer shop today and left them a quarter later with 350 bucks less and a large whatever mixed-street-mountain bike. Matt dark blue and for 30 bucks I added a front and back light, to make it legal for the street, and also mounted a support leg. The only missing thing is a chain lock and a new helmet, but I will check them later during the day.

The bike is very simple, but at least it has disc brakes, 9 gears, quick releases for the wheels and no unnecessary, fancy stuff with a weight of 14.5 kilos. It's okay. Not perfect and the feedback from other customers are a mix of "defect already after 100 km" or "3000 km and still okay" and it was also a quick on fly decision on my side ("You are already here now, so let's do it, go!") and maybe dumb, because it's burning money, I have already the tiny bike and it takes a lot of space again and energy crisis and dark future... but whatever.

I was watching yesterday in the evening a movie about some strange futuristic stuff and one part of the scenes was, that the actor has brain cancer and just a few weeks left. Sad stuff in the end, yes. And if you think about the real life, how many people die during the years for whatever reasons around you or get ill or are suddenly limited in a physically way after an accident or unexpected illness, it's also clear for me, do stop my overthinking and inner discussions about good or bad decisions or investments and the future and other stuff. Otherwise it's a never ending loop and suddenly it's over.

Do whatever makes fun and doesn't hurt nature or too many people at the same time - that should be the perfect way. I hope, not too many people suffered during the production of this bicycle and I'm not sure, if it will save the climate (I guess the answer for this model is no), but at least it gives me some additional freedom (I hope) in the next weeks and hopefully more.

And I will use the foldable bike in the future for tiny town trips and store it in my flat.

By the way, yes, I also thought to buy an old, repaired racing bike (like a restored classic Peugeot or something) and checked already some stores in the town in the last days - there are lot of them - but in the end the price is the same. They are not cheap or you have to invest for every single additional piece... or it's from unclear origin.

It's Saturday and 26 degrees with blue sky.

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