Trackball and Night

A long day, but at least a free day. I was two times in the inner town, checking some things and tiny tasks, but I was also just floating around with the mass of people. The weather was beautiful, blue sky and perfect temperature, so great to walk around without sweating and to sit somewhere in the sun for a while without troubles... but you can also feel and see, that now most of the people are back from vacation. The end of summer is here.

The parking lots are full again too - during the day and also in the streets around my flat - and on the shopping streets and malls you can find huge piles of human groups everywhere. Young and old people, families and friends and also a lot of students again... everybody is here again.

Somehow I like that, on the other hand: too much people for me. For a few minutes this is okay, but after a while I also need some minutes in some calm side streets and take a breath, looking at some old buildings in the sun and discover new things (until today I still discover something new on some houses everytime... tiny pieces on the facade, roofs, doors and so on) and then I go back into the mass again. On and off, it's like a game.

Today it's getting "cold" during the night, this means around 12~ degrees for the first time since this hot summer, but during the day the temperatures will reach 26~ again tomorrow. This also means and I hope, that I will sleep better... I like "cold" nights with open windows, mixed with some street sounds.

As mentioned in one of the last posts, I use now the terminal and text based tools more and more, but for the rest I still use the graphical Xfce interface. Normally I work there with a very cheap standard mouse from an unknown brand, but I switched today back to my "old" Elecom Trackball. I have a small collection of them (Kensingtons, MX Ergo, Trackman,...), but the Elecom is the best one for my hand and personal way of working.

The ball is big and heavy, which is important for me for better control, and there are some buttons on the left, but also on the right side. So in combination you have 6 buttons, that you can use or program too, but to be honest... I'm still using just two of them and the additional wheel for scrolling and I'm still happy.

Until today and since more then 30~ years in front of screens now, I haven't found the ("my") perfect hardware setup. It's like a very long journey (which is great too) and there are still more places to discover... I guess and hope.

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