Expensive life II

I want to add some topics to the last entry about reducing power consumption in my daily life.

For example, I forgot to mention, that I use most of the time a simple, cheap, Chinese water heater... ahm, yes... to get hot water. This is much more efficient then with the hotplate or other ways or also using Gas heating (because in this case the water needs time to get through the pipes in the wall too). I'm using it for hot drinks, quick noodle stuff or soups and sometimes also as preheat of water for some more cooking, to reduce the heating & cooking time.

Then some other stuff. I have a smartwatch, but a simple, old one from Amazfit Bip. The great thing is, it's somehow a simplified version of the lost "Pebble" watch. It runs minimum two, most three or four weeks with one charge and with daily usage, smartphone notifications and reading, on fly weather, step counter and the important thing: it has still an always on display (a kind of dark mode, but readable also in bright sun light). Most of the other smartwatches activate the screen only, when you make a special move or press a button... which is somehow really stupid in my eyes.

So I have a great device, but... I don't use it since months now. Instead I used my good old CASIO F-91W (good blog entry here), so the classic 9~12 $ model, which lasts forever and survives bathrooms, swimming, dust, hard metal and wood work and also a lot of hits during daily life on door knobs and so on. I would say, this watch is my (and for a lot of people out there) faithful companion for around ~200 days each year. The battery last for a few years, so it's a cheap, power saving watch somehow, compared to other ones.

On the other days, I'm wearing one of three, small automatic SEIKOs (I have the silver, black and gold version), which means, that they are full mechanically watches, charged by every move of my arm... so they don't need batteries or other stuff, it's just a pure analog system, based on a small weight, some gears and a spring inside. I love them and they also looking unobtrusive good (for my personal taste) and normally this kind of watches work for decades. It's enough, to make some watchmaker checks every 10~20 years, but if you take care about them, then they can and will survive you. And yes, I wear them also in the shower, during swimming or when working on some metal or wood stuff... 24 hours a day with a NATO strap, also in the bed.

Compared to some modern watches, where you need to charge them every single or three days like a smartphone, I would say, they/mine are a better choice and still provide the main function(s) for a fancy life.

Another thing by the way, which comes into my mind now, is my non existing oven. I had a small table top pizza oven years ago, also a great, simple "I can survive everything" piece of metal, but in the end I was eating too much Pizza and other junk stuff, because it's a very "easy device" for this kind of food. So I switched to a simple contact grill, which is enough for my small needs, also needs less storage room and is much more efficient from a energy consumption perspective.

I also don't have a cooker hood (no need for that here) and normally I don't use a lot of other devices - like mixer or similar. So I guess, I have reached the limit of power saving, at least on my side for my personal stuff. Sure, I can still reduce the time of lights in the evening or switch to one screen or a smaller one for my computer and so on, but only in emergency cases.

There is only one big device left in this notes... my portable air conditioner. This big thing sucks power out of the wall socket like a honey bee from a blossom in the morning, but I only use it on very hot, swampy days (35+ degrees), so it's nothing, that is always on during summer and I can (do) control the usage.

I guess, that's it for now.

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