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I also got the letters from the providers about the price increases for electricity and gas a few days ago. And yes, it's a lot. Double, more triple.

So, like everbody else, the first thing in this situation is, to yell against companies, the war and politics. Done. The next step is, to find solutions for that.

This means to reduce the usage, without loosing too much life style. But I can deal with that very well. A lot of winters I haven't heated my flat, because it was not really necessary. A second pair of socks, a cozy sweater, jogging trousers and you still have a good time - also with our soft winter temperatures today.

I'm also a lucky guy, because I have short hairs, so this means, a hot shower is a quick process. So, when it comes to Gas, it's easy to safe some cubic meter.

Reducing electricity usage is another topic, but still possible. I already switched all bulbs/lamps to LED versions (and yes, with warm and soft colors, not this white, ugly versions or strange daylight stuff, that looks like, if you live in a laboratory) years ago. I normally use only one~two lamps at home in the morning and evening - bathroom and living room. So the consumption is already low.

Then we have the fridge, he is pulling a lot of power, especially on hot days and running multiple times. By the way, I have lived for many years without (with two supermarkets near of the house it's easy). I'm using the fridge today, but never fully loaded, which is not efficient... because every time, when you open the door, you loosing cold air.

But you can reduce the impact, if you fill the empty space with some water bottles... they save the coldness like batteries and the fridge has less work to cool down again. He is also in the anteroom next to the door - during winter it's a cold place, an additional support.

Then we have my computer stuff. The router is always on, the only device, that is always connected to the power, for the rest of my power sockets I use adapters with 2 phase switches. This means, if the switch is off, there is really no power anymore and also no silent leakage current. And I always turn off everything, when I leave the flat and aside of some computer idle time, I don't have any standby devices in my daily life, also no TV anymore.

My Linux computer is a fanless system with a low powered ARM processor and is pulling just some watts normally and my screens are also simple (office) LCDs, with a small consumption of power. I also don't use unnecessary, fancy LED lights for my stuff, my mouse, keyboard and headphones are with old school cables, so I don't need additional radio/funk stations, loading devices and so on.

I don't use my nearly 1000 Watt power supply and whatever high end NVIDIA graphic card and 16GB computer for VR and other stuff anymore (for now), so this huge "Windows machine of burning power to heat", also during simple writing tasks, is not a topic anymore. But this decision is not connected to the power prices, I'm just pissed by Windows and have enough to do with this OS in my daily work, so I don't want to start it at home again.

And that's it. I don't use a dishwasher (and also haven't one), but I also don't create a lot of dishes. My Washing machine is very old (and still great), but with the right program she uses the same amount of water, time and energy then modern versions - I double checked that around two years ago. I have also some good office meals & restaurant, this means less cooking at home.

The last thing... I charge my smartphone always during the night, this is an ongoing consumption of power, but a few days ago I switched my mobile wallpaper and also system theme to black and use also the dark mode everywhere (Android > activated developer functions) for the complete system and also during browsing with Firefox. It's nice, I already can confirm, that it really saves battery time... so I would say, I got 2-5 hours more with one charge... by the way this really makes a difference, especially in the evening after long days. Less brightness - less power usage.

And yes... the 3D printer also needs power, but that's some luxus, that I can and want to afford.

A few weeks ago, I also started to use a solar light, that charges the batteries on my window and activate the lights, when it's getting dark... on very sunny days the lights (battery) turn of at three in the morning, so good and long enough for evening light in the living room. But on cloudy or "grey" days, it's just enough for one hour or less, so very insufficient for a daily usage - also regarding the upcoming winter.

That's the status at the moment. I think, i'm already on a good level.

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