Amber and the orange glow

Aha, it's September. It's really strange, the last few days felt like a break or wall in my personal time frame. Suddenly it's already dark at 8 p.m. and the hot weather is gone, instead there is some wind and flying leaves are the new reality. I really hope, that this autumn will be a sunny one with a lot of blue sky and moderate temperatures.

Since a long time, I'm using text browsers, the terminal and other text based software, when I'm working with Linux systems, but always aside and next to my normal graphical Xfce environment. I guess, it's safe to say, that I can deal with both sides on the same level. But since this week and also as a kind of a personal experiment, I'm working only inside the terminal.

Browsing with Links2, Newsbeuter for RSS feeds, nano to edit and write new textfiles and so on. A "classic" setup, that more or less every Linux user will scratch one day, but I really want to increase my daily usage and switch more and more to the "other side", so this means to a full text based environment.

I've also switched the colors of the interface/terminal, because I also need (or maybe want) some nostalgic feelings, so finally I'm working on a black background with letters in amber (the color, in German we would say "Bernsteinfarben").

So if you ever worked with old machines, DOS for example or also systems like AS/400 and so on, then you maybe know the old, white or green text interface. So it's the same style, but just in amber. I always loved it, until today... it gives me a nice and warm feeling. So why not switching back to it?

Edit: here is a screenshot.

The world has changed, maybe the interface looks "retro" and old school to many people, but today you can stream music, surf around in the world wide web, you can chat with other people, share files, write blogs like this one and so on... so it has improved a lot. And yes, I can still load images (feh) or also open Videos and for stuff like Youtube or Streaming - I can still open Firefox for the final step, if necessary. So there is no kind of cut off, it's just a visual change and dealing with shortcuts.

If you have time and need some calm hours, want to read or hear very nice and also funny stories, how a teacher started to re-think the learning of students and how to improve that, so that as final result the OS "PLATO" was born - most of the (young) people today have never heard from this system - then you should read or listen to the (audio) book "The Friendly Orange Glow - The Untold Story of the PLATO System and the Dawn of Cyberculture".

It's really a great story and lightweight insight into a part of great computer history and filled with good memories and background stories, how the first "social" networks and games, but also knowledge and communication structures were created in the past and PLATO as main bone (like some other systems)... and we talking about 1960~1970! It's also a nice one, if you don't have real connects or interests in computer stuff - the book is creating that for you as result.

Yes, it has more than 600 pages and/or the audio book is 21 hours long (and also expensive), but trust me... it's worth it. I've listen to it twice.

By the way - here is also a photo of PLATO (1981) and here some interesting details in German and here Wikipedia in English with more details and photos.

Other stuff. After some office work in the morning and catching some blue sky and sun for one~two hours, the 3D printer is now trying to print my low level laptop case - I want to create a case for my small Bluetooth keyboard and my smartphone, to use it as mobile blogging system... but the print is struggling and some parts have already lost the grip on the surface, but it still looks stable. Mmmm, let's watch it.

I will now eat some stuff, read some mails and check some tasks and then I will type some more stuff, to get rid of them and free up some brain memory.

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