Links2 and drinking

So, this is a test entry with Links2, a text-mode only browser inside my terminal. At the moment, I'm trying to reduce the amount of tools in my daily life and I'm also thinking about a small project around my old Rasperry Pis (Zero too) - maybe some retro computer stuff? We will see.

This can be done very easy - with a simple low level Debian installation and some additional tools like Links2, tmux and so on and the right colors... but it just needs some personal energy. Maybe next weekend.

Next to this screen here I'm watching at the moment an "old" movie from the 90s "The Beast" on the other display. A kind of level B+ "Oh, there is a strange creature in the water and people got killed and there is the good guy and the beautiful girl and as team they will save people and kill the beast" movie. Classic stuff and great for the evening, aside typing around and reading some blogs.

But there is something, that I really hate... drinking people in movies. I don't know why, but everytime, when somebody is frustrated or feels the impact of "life" or talks about "bad decisions", they will sit in some rooms or in front of their house with somebody and drink some beer, because everything is so "hard and bad". And to be cool and calm.

I can't watch this scenes anymore... it's always the same and for me it's somehow weak and stupid. I have the feeling, that people think, that you have to show them drinking in this situation and so they create a moment in the movie for it, because everybody else is doing that in other movies too. A kind of repeating loop, that creates a behave, that is not real. Or can be real, but it's also real, because this kind of scenes exists and people will copy that.

Don't know why, it bothers me. And yes, in the same moment, I'm sipping a hot (cold) chocolate again.

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