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It's interesting, how complex "simple" stuff can be and grow during the time, related to the background history. The www is a good example for that.

As you may already have discovered: this website is very simple. It's not a failure or because I have no glue, how to built fine websites, templates, frameworks and nice CSS styles. No, there is a reason for that.

I'm really tired of the websites today. A lot of images, more and more less text, videos with auto start, cookie banners and so on. The websites of today are full with stuff and most of the time they use unnecessary features, like some JavaScript functions for very simple things, but there would be no real difference, if you would delete the stuff. Blabla (imagine 18 long pages of rant here about this topic)...

Since many years (always), I love websites, that are stripped down to the lowest level of possibilities. Even this website here has some additional stuff on board - settings for the background color, width, font-size and so on, but at least there are just 5 lines for that.

There are collections online like the 1 MB websites, the 10kB club or also the 1kB club and some others. I like this stuff and approaches really, it's a nice and harmless hobby and yes, it reduces server loads and so on. Save the planet and the pages are loading very fast... a win win situation for everybody. Creator and reader.

But what is really interesting, is also this stuff like Why your website should be under 14 kB and not 15KB (hint, it's for technical reasons). Mh, didn't thought about that.

I measured the blog here and I reach a 100% "A" performance grade, there are just 2 requests (one for the page and one for the "favicon") and the size of the front page is 2.4kB.

I would say, that is really very "okay". I can improve that with some additional source code stripping and less brackets and so on in the template, but 2.4 is good enough. This means the page itself loads in some milliseconds during the server request.

In the article they also mention the Apollo Guidance Computer 1969 from the moon missions... the storage of this computer had ~72kB, which is still today really impressive. For example, my own, tiny photo on my German wiki page in the about me section has already 10kB.

There are also some websites out there, were you can also calculate the Co2 emissions of your website. Funny, with this website here, the impact is more or less 0 or "not countable".

By the way... if you have ever read one of my old blogs many years ago and some of the few hundreds and more entries, then you maybe remember this nice page here: a solar powered website / web server... the LOW TECH Magazine. Good stuff to read there and also some background details about the technical system.

I really love this kind of content and I hope, more and more people will strip down their websites.

In one of the many discussion boards online a guy made a calculation some months ago and the outcome was, that one of the big American newspaper websites with a lot of ads, videos, big headlines, graphics, tracking stuff and so on, need more traffic and MBs, then one of the tiny pages of the discussion group during one month. And yes: for one single load/call. And yes again: without better content quality.

Additional note - this entry or page has 3.8kB.

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