Plants and pots

I wrote yesterday with 'sunshine', who is a few thousand miles away since a few months, that it's very interesting, that you can find a lot of pots with plants on the streets in other countries, but not here. One example is this Video from the Philippines and other ones on Youtube.

You can't really find that in my hometown... maybe in the front of some restaurants, maybe in some older, hidden courtyards and on some balconies, but not on the street as general part of the landscape.

The town services would throw them away or dogs will piss on it, other ones will be stolen or destroyed or some people will call the police, because it's "dangerous".

It's really sad, the town would look so much better with a lot of plants in pots on the corners and in the streets aside the main roads and around doors, also inside the inner town... for example on the places with monuments and museums.

Also in the house, where I'm living, one old lady put a pot with a plant someday in one of the corners a few years ago. One week later it was gone and there was a notice on the door, that for security and fire protection it's not allowed. Sure, it's true and makes also sense in houses with many floors, but at least on the streets on some boring corners and wall indentations and at lost building sites it would be great, to have more "portable" green.


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