Muggy weather

I like rainy days, I love sunny days with blue sky and some rare, tiny white sheep clouds, I like cold weather with sun... and I can deal with heat (and air conditioner at least in the evening). But I can't deal with muggy weather and high humidity. These are days, where I'm like a sponge and sweat continuously, most of the time are also very tired and somehow and quickly annoyed by myself.

Also my Neighbor above is running since two days now from A to B all the time... strange life... and then I invested one hour for the right leveling of the 3D printer. Still not perfect, but an improvement - compared to yesterday. But after the hour, I was really not amused and sweating like a waterfall, because the high of the table is too low for this kind of fun... but anyways, good enough for some printed stuff.

The problem with the weather is also, that my energy is very low, I want to do more and so I was out for a small supermarket trip after work for around one hour and when I was at the cashier desk (sure, again a long waiting line and even old people in it with jokes like "This is another century here, that's the reason for the slowness"), I payed with the card and in the same second a tiny sweat drop run over my forehead and then nose, but I couldn't do anything against it, because on the left side I had my goods in the hand and with the other one I was typing and holding the card. The woman behind me starred at the drop for seconds.

Somehow I hope, that this summer never ends, on the other hand some calm days with 15~20 degrees would also be nice (sweater weather).

Anyway, I think nobody is interested in sweat drops, so I will continue with my life and will decide again (it's the 182. attempt), if I will install Vimwiki and self-flagellation myself with it.

For people without any life, you can also watch this funny & nice VIM video.

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