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I already wrote this stuff in my German wiki with more details, the background, the tools, about the Ukraine, but in some short words: I'm learning Russian since a few weeks. And more and more this is a difficult topic somehow, because at the moment, this is for sure one of the most unpopular languages, that you can learn today. And the situation between Russia, Ukraine and Europa in general is not improving from day to day, it's more the opposite.

And this is frustrating. Because I wanted to learn Russian since years and more and was watching a lot of Videos about the landscape, towns, people and travel stories. I wanted to have the language skills, to travel there one day maybe by myself and to improve my personal life with a third language too (German and English + Russian) and to open a door to another, huge universe of cultures and countries. So the idea is not connected with the crisis today.

But the war situation in the Ukraine doesn't really support this decision and it's also difficult to explain the idea to other people and also to argue about the usage in the future. Especially in times, where borders are closed, visas are dissolved and honestly and soberly looked... there will be no "friendship" for a long time. Maybe for years or more. And there will be much more society challenges in the future too - after this political and huge social gap this year.

So, I'm still learning and I really want reach my own goal - reading and speaking basic, easy Russian for small conversations and to use it as Cyrillic foundation for maybe more eastern languages in the future. But somehow it feels like something, that is not okay. A strange feeling.

On the other hand, and I already wrote that in my German wiki, I don't want finger pointing on every single Russian - life, society, opinions and "real" daily challenges like jobs and dependencies like income, family and so on, are much more complex, then we think sometimes - and I also don't want to throw away personal dreams of "the good old days" for stupid and bad things like a war. Then the war has won (independent of the winner) and destroyed again things. This also feels sad, so I want to fight against that. There will and must be a time afterwards - a better time for all sides.

But anyway, it doesn't matter really, because there will be dozens of opinions about learning Russian today. I just want to mention, that it's really not easy (for me). Cyrillic is a big challenge, but I can feel/see improvements on my side and my brain recognize the letters in just half of the time, then three weeks ago. So training has an effect.

But I also recognize, that I have to learn more words (vocabulary), this is my biggest gap at the moment. I can read words and use the right letters now, but I can't sort them into the right topic or don't understand them often, so I will work now more with cards (Anki) and the printed learning cards, to improve my memory skills.

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