Printing analog stuff

Strange. I already had multiple things in my mind, that I wanted to write down during the day and in the evening... and now I can't remember a single line of it. So I'm really getting old.

Another topic... a few minutes ago, I finished the assembly of my old~new 3D printer. It's a mix, because long time ago, I disassembled my old one, to use some of the parts for another project and there was also no place for it somehow, the thing was loud too and I never used it really, because of the long printing times.

But in the last few weeks I thought multiple times about some stuff that I wanted to print again - like wing profiles for a small plane or also some parts for my wooden long term project RC sailing boat, that I'm building since two years now and never finish and I also want to try some gears in different ratios and shapes... just for fun, so no real serious projects or stuff to survive.

So now I'm using (again) the classic Ender 3D printer from Creality, but this time in version V2 - with a glass plate and a new screen interface. The assembly took me one hour, but this time I didn't look at the handbook, because I already knew, how it its built and the cables are connected... and it worked "out of the box". I can't remember, but there were less parts to assemble then in the old version... and like always, two screws were left.

Afterwards I made a first, quick test print, again the laborious play with the surface / glass plate and the alignment of the nozzle (I forgot, that this was the task, that I always hated), but after fifteen minutes or maybe twenty, it was "okay" and I printed a tiny, raw shaped cat (somewhere from the www) and afterwards a second one a few inches bigger... and I'm happy.

It's working, the print is good and the lines and layers are fine and clean. I still have to level everything again, it's not perfect and it will take some time, to get the best tilt and gap between the noozle and plate, but it's working - the important part. Also the fans are still loud, but the stepper motors are silent (at the moment).

Now I'm already thinking about the next steps and happy to be back again to OpenScad, a 3D designer tool, that I really love - because of the simplicity and that you can create your models based on raw text and [if - when] logics and number calculations... mmmmhhh.

Good stuff for upcoming fall and rainy days!

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