A typical Monday

Rain in the morning, but still a nice car drive through the rain drops in calm, silent and good mood. Then office.

Nothing was working, laptop fought against updates, finally, after a decade, I was online, then worked on reports and numbers, then fire alarm, so we had to stop our work, again into the rain, counted rain drops, nothing, again back into the office, again fighted against numbers.

Later we were eating in a public restaurant and jep, there were double dozens of people in the line today and so we waited for ages. And I'm always surprised, that other people can be so relaxed, when they were thinking about what they want "Mmmhhh, leeeet meee thiiink, thiiis looooks gooood, mhhhh, I can't deciiiide" and a crowd of people behind them starring and waiting for their decision.

Why the fuck you can't decided that during the long waiting time?! What are you expecting, when you wait in a restaurant, where somebody will ask you soon, what you want to eat? Same at the cashier desk... no, they won't ask you about your political opinion. They want your money, so where is your fucking money? Oh - surprise about the amount and now you have to dig around in your tiny, endless pocket for that money? You were starring at your meal for 20 minutes in the waiting line and at the price tags... what did you expect?!

So, after the workday I was checking by accident my ticket for the public transport in my bag at home, where I have a yearly subscription/card and discovered, that I was driving through the last 6 months or more with the wrong, old card from last year. Jesus. The new one was sleeping in another pocket at home all the time. Stupid, but nothing happend and I was never checked by somebody, so everything was and is fine.

I thought then in proud manner "Ha, but I also have the card in digital form on my smartphone, slap it baby, so no troubles at all"... but well, then I opened the app after months again: "Update now".

Okay, whatever. Installed the crap and then I discovered, that my card wasn't connected to the account anymore, so that means, that if somebody would have checked me I had nothing. No digital version and no analog card. Since months.. I never discovered that. Lucky guy.

Lesson learned and now I have the updated card version and also the right one in my pocket. Double dap!

But is this the end of this pathetic story? No, because then I discovered at the same moment that my good, old passport will lost his validity in upcoming December too. So I have to renew the papers and for sure, this has to be done directly at the government office in good, old tradition. Bring a photo, sign a paper, give your finger prints. Sigh, I don't have time for this, people!

So another tiny challenge in a small life of nobody somewhere on this planet between billions of other lemmings with similar problems. Gasp.

But I like rain. Sometimes I wish, that we have this kind of climate conditions here in this country, where we have hot days and during the day there is always in the afternoon one tiny monsoon for one~three hours. And then sun again.

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