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Again I changed some tiny things here in the template, to have more possibilities in the future. One thing is, that every entry includes two variables now - one for the title of the entry and one for the visible timestamp in the index overview.

But in the background I save new entries (which are more or less just simple textfiles) with the unix timestamp as filename now. This means, that I can switch the title and style of the date, whenever I want in the future, without touching or renaming the files again.

The rest of the day should be calm. It's raining today, not hot, but also not cold. I was already walking in the rain... feels good.

I'm also eating some fish with pumpkin seed breading and still thinking about, if I like it or not. I can't decided, but it's food, so still okay.

I cleaned up some space in the anteroom in the morning too, because I want to rebuild my 3D printer again, to print some parts for a small plane, that I have in my mind, with some foam wings and similar things.

You always need some tiny targets & projects aside of the daily, normal life...

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