So, some other thoughts today. A few months ago I bought some golf clubs (irons and woods) - with a golf bag - and also some training balls... and had no idea, why and what to do with them.

But I wanted to realize a childhood dream, so a while after this "commercial accident" and playing some balls inside the flat (for sure foam balls), I booked a real golf training with a teacher at a local golf club house. I was really lucky, because most of the time you are in a big crowd of a mixed bunch of people as beginner, which reduces the support by the teacher, and my first appointment attempt was also rejected, because there were too many reservations. But after some email correspondences with the club management I got a short time invitation for two weekends... and in the end we were just three people in our group. The price was also okay and fair for 12 hours combined and the teacher, who is also playing tournaments worldwide, was also good and funny too.

And what should I say... it made fun and felt good. And yes, it's really frustrating too. Golf is a sport, that you really just play against yourself. The ball is just sitting there and waiting for you. Nobody else can help you and it's your own game. Always. And the target is, to constantly re-create the same swing over and over again. It doesn't matter, if there is a ball or not... the real target of Golf is to find and train your personal swings (move) and to repeat them with every club in every situation and condition. It's a very repetitive process in reality and most of the time also just a head thing.

I didn't expected that, but you can miss every single ball and hit also the grass, if you focus too much or too less... or can hit every ball, if you don't think about it. It's incredible difficult (as newbie) and also easy at the same time - a interesting head challenge. One millisecond of a wrong thought and your swing is destroyed.

Yes, everything hurts too after while, because you move a lot of - at this moment - non-existing muscles in all parts of your body and you will sweat a lot. An also swear against and about everything in your life and want to throw away the club. But then the next ball hits the 100 meter mark or whatever your target was and you feel somehow proud. I can play Golf!

So long story, short outcome. After a small final round and a written test, I got the local club house license in the end. So I can come, whenever I want, to the club house and play on the range and book some rounds on the full course.

But I still miss my own and personal handicap, which is also recorded in the official database of Golf players worldwide and is also the necessary key to play on other courses too and join open rounds or invite other Golfers to them.

For this I have to play two~three official counted and signed full rounds together with some experienced players or a professional teacher and undercut the maximum handicap of 54 to pass the "test".

At the moment I don't feel trained enough for this step, so I want to build up my swings and controlling of the clubs in the next weeks or months again, but with all of the heat in the last time, I didn't visit the club house once. This makes me sad, on the other hand you don't wanna play hours and hours at the driving and chipping range under the direct sun and 35 or more degrees.

Soon we will have September and the temperature will drop again, so I hope, I can and will use the summer end and upcoming fall for playing many hours of Golf again and then - when I am in a good mood - book the rounds with the same teacher again and get my official handicap.

It's not only a personal target, to have this kind of improvement, it's also a head challenge and out of my comfort zone. Training, booking, play with and against strangers with higher skills, but still... why not?

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